Name Cuisine Location Travel Time Via Car Distance Price
The Beach Restaurant Seafood Las Terrenas 18 minutes 11 km $$$
Porto Restaurant Seafood Las Terrenas 8 minutes 4 km $$
Cafe Del Mar Seafood Santa Barbara de Samana 1h20 70 km $$$
El Cabito Seafood Las Galeras 1h22 70 km $$
L’Atlantis Restaurant French Las Terrenas 17 minutes 8 km $$
Restaurant Acaya Seafood Las Terrenas 15 minutes 7 km $$
La Terrasse Mediterranean Las Terrenas 4 minutes 1 km $$
Paco Cabana French Las Terrenas 4 minutes 1 km $$
Tierra Y Mar Italian Samana 48 minutes 38 km $$
Casa Grande Restaurant International Las Terrenas 14 minutes 7 km $$
This information is accurate as of May 2015.  Please check the restaurant website for current information.
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