In-Bedroom Safe: Each suite is equipped with an in-bedroom safe

Good Record: First of all, it is very important to say that since 2006 (year of the opening of our very first rental villa in Las Terrenas), NONE OF OUR GUESTS have encountered a security problem during their stay

Staff Supervision: During the day, Villa Julia is under the responsibility of our staff who has worked for us for several years now, and in which we have a total trust. Nothing has ever been “borrowed“


Children: If you travel with young children, we can install a pool alarm; just let us know ahead of time so we can have it set up for you

Bracelets: This security device is composed of an alarm module hooked up inside the villa (within a specified range) and the child wears the bracelet around the wrist; whenever the bracelets are in contact with water, the siren of the alarm alerts everybody of the danger

Adult Supervision: Even though your child might have on the bracelet, we still strongly advise that an adult supervise kids while swimming


Locals: Like in any city in any other country, one should respect common sense rules, as you would in your own city; that said, remember that the local population has a standard of living much lower than that of our guests

Jewelry: We advise you to keep your valuables in the in-bedroom safes when leaving the villa, to avoid showing off expensive jewelry or big amounts of cash money in public areas

Las Terrenas: Avoid walking in unknown neighborhoods late at night; a driver is readily available.  If you aren’t sure if an area is safe, just ask 1 of our villa staff members

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